Quick Service Restaurants

Desert Moon is a Quick Service Restaurant (QSR). Many people consider most QSRs to be simply “fast food” restaurants. The Desert Moon’s customers, however, would argue that fact – believing our combination of full service restaurant quality with rapid made-to-order delivery has landed the Desert Moon solidly at the forefront of the QSR arena.

No matter what you call them, though, QSR’s are the most popular places to eat, accounting for over 70% of all food eaten away from home. In fact, almost 65% of employed workers eat a meal that can be held in their hand.– CREST, National Restaurant Assoc., RECOUNT*

Quick Service Restaurants Outperform All Categories of Growth in the Restaurant Industry
R & I: January 1, 1997: Industry Forecast

Quick Service Today

Unlike the fast-food of the 1970’s and 80’s, the QSRs of today are focusing on the quality, freshness and taste of their products to attract aging baby boomers and a more discerning breed of younger consumers. Operators in this segment, have also been placing more emphasis on the speed and quality of their service. Providing consumers with higher quality, better tasting food has also allowed QSR operators to charge more money for their products; a trade-off many consumers have proven willing to make again and again.

In addition to high taste and high flavor, the QSR segment is being impacted by the consumers desire for made-to-order foods. Indeed, even McDonalds in it’s much publicized shift is converting thousands of units to its new made-to-order cooking systems.  Leading this trend, however, has been the Fresh Mexican/Southwestern QSR operators. This next evolution in fast-food: providing consumers with high quality made-to-order products, represents the cutting edge of the QSR arena.