“Fresh Made All Natural Burritos, Quesadillas, Tacos, Salads and Fajitas”

The Desert Moon’s Fresh Mexican/Southwestern cuisine is probably best known for its innovative mix of flavor, color and texture, its inspiration roots itself in a multi-cultural history hundreds of years old. Those diverse cultural influences range from the cuisines of the native Pueblos to the earliest Spanish and Anglo settlers. Today, these traditions continues to evolve and be impacted upon by diverse ethnic and regional influences, as well as, technological innovation and modern cooking techniques…the result is one of the world’s most exciting cuisines ­ a “fusion” of Fresh Mexican and Southwestern.


Typical of the Southwest, Desert Moon’s menu utilizes a wide variety of ingredients; the main staples, however, are charbroiled lean steak and grilled skinless chicken breast, combined with such ingredients as our proprietary ranch and black beans, Hell Canyon Chili and yellow rice. Salsas and guacamole are made fresh daily with produce ripened on-site. The most popular menu items at the Moon are our unbelievable burritos and quesadillas, which are made-to-order in full view of the customer using our own tortillas…watch out though, cause the people tell us the flavor is… ADDICTIVE.


Desert Moon stands out from the competition and blows away the traditional Mexican fast-food fare most North Americans are accustomed to. In addition to the quality, freshness and flavor of its food, Desert Moon is further distinguished by it’s attitude. That attitude is conveyed by the range and style of its menu — the creation of a professional chef and graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, as well as, by the use of distinctive Southwestern colors, trademarked landscape designs, howling coyotes, and desert cacti.


Storefronts are designed to be open and appealing, encouraging customer approach and interaction. In-line restaurants with seating are designed to evoke a sense of the Southwest, promoting a feel good mentality and cool – relaxed atmosphere. These factors, combined with the recognized flavor-profile of Desert Moon’s menu and a well-trained, motivated staff, establish Desert Moon on the cutting edge of the fast-food industry.


Thematically, Desert Moon’s store design rides major cultural trends. Providing an all natural, made to order product, full of the flavor, color and spirit of the Southwest –- which draws its strength from a rich and long multicultural history – resonates deeply with the American public. These trends are what make the Desert Moon more than a hot growth company or a fad, they’re what makes Desert Moon sustainable.