Greenhouse Inc., a Chicago based subsidiary of Leo J. Shapiro and Associates, is presently conducting its’ third phase of market research. The previous two phases were conducted in 1994 and 1997 at the Jefferson Valley Mall in Yorktown Heights, New York and the Danbury Fair Mall in Danbury, Connecticut. The methodology of the research utilized mall intercepts, focus groups, trade area customer interviews and exit polls. The results clearly indicate that the Desert Moon is perceived as an adult fast-food choice with broad appeal among the “middle class” segment. Ratings in customer loyalty, satisfaction and repeat visits were all extremely high.

  • DEMOGRAPHIC PROFILE OF THE DESERT MOON CUSTOMER VS. TRADE AREAThose who have ever visited A Desert Moon mall location are more likely to be relatively upscale consumers who are raising children, and tend to:


  • Eat in mall food courts more often


  • Have a college education


  • Live in households with three or more people


  • Be between 25-49 years old;


  • Have incomes of $50,000 or more


  • Be female


    Diners were asked to rate their visit to the Desert Moon using a nine-point scale with “9” for “absolutely the best” to “1” for just “so-so.” The most frequent comments centered on the food being “fresh and healthy.”
  • The Highest Ratings were On the Food and Service:Having fresh, high quality food   (8.27 – out of a possible 9)
    Having good tasting food   (8.30 – out of a possible 9)
    Having helpful, friendly service   (8.12 – out of a possible 9)
  • The Next Highest Ratings Centered on Price and Value for the Dollar:Having good prices   (7.32 – out of a possible 9)
    Giving you good value for the money   (7.52 – out of a possible 9)

  • TRADE AREA INTERVIEWSInterviews conducted during the marketing research established that 8 in 10 diners “definitely” or “probably” planned to return to the Desert Moon within the next four weeks. Likewise, 8 in 10 also said they preferred The Desert Moon to alternate food choices. Further, when dining “just for you,” customers mentioned The Desert Moon most often as their food choice for dinner and about equally for first choice with McDonald’s during lunch.