Desert Moon

is a fast casual restaurant servicing time-pressured people who want a high-quality, great-tasting, fast-food alternative. Recognizing that most Americans are accustomed to Mexican fast food that is characterized by fat laden, deep fried products with ground meat. Desert Moon, inspired by the cuisine of Arizona, New Mexico and Southern California has developed itself as a Fresh Mexican/Southwestern fast casual concept.


Differentiating itself from its typical Mexican fast-food counterparts, the Desert Moon menu offerings are a fusion of Fresh Mexican/Southwestern recipes. Prepared in our full view/open kitchen, our guests are offered a choice of Charbroiled Lean Steak, Grilled Skinless Chicken Breast, or fire roasted vegetables any of which may be wrapped in a soft, warm, hand-stretched tortilla with a combination of high quality, made-from-scratch salsas, ranch beans, yellow rice, guacamole and/or fresh vegetables. The result is a product that is unique in the fast-food venue, extremely flavorful and sought after by quality driven consumers. To compliment our food and enhance our dinner daypart, some Desert Moon locations offer “signature” Margaritas and a selection of Mexican Beer.


In addition to the quality, freshness and flavor of its food; Desert Moon is further distinguished from traditional Mexican fast food by its “contemporary attitude”. Conveyed both by the range and style of its menu and also by Desert Moon’s fun and up scale unit design incorporating bright Southwestern colors, howling coyotes and desert cacti.

Desert Moon is:

A fast-casual fresh Mexican grille for all age groups offering skillfully prepared and presented fresh Mexican foods influenced by the American Southwest and affordable priced and quickly served for take-out and dine-in occasions in a friendly comfortable setting.
Desert Moon is a fresh quality alternative from fast food and a value priced quick-serve alternative from casual dining.

“…the fast-casual niche, a blending of fast food’s speed with casual dining’s menu is one of the hottest market segments in food service…researchers found that operators who focus on fast food or casual dining may be losing out on a lucrative market as customers look for the best of both worlds: quick service with more healthful food, more variety and a comfortable atmosphere.” (Nation’s Restaurant News, April 16th, 2001)