The Desert Moon

One of the most compelling trends driving restaurant growth today is the consumers’ demand for flavor….

BIG, BOLD FLAVOR. (Restaurant & Institutions: Jan/1/98—Food)

“Southwestern or Fresh Mexican may be the fastest growing category in quick service restaurants, but as of yet, there is no clear leader of the pack. Desert Moon plans to change that.” (Franchise Times Magazine, May 2000)


Today’s market is demanding made-to-order, all natural foods that are both flavorful and exciting. The Desert Moon, Fresh Mexican Grille, is meeting that need by providing consumers with the made to order full flavors, color & spirit of the Southwest!


Operating “in what is rapidly becoming one of the fast-food segment’s most promising and fastest-growing niches – Southwestern…” and “combining the food quality of a full-service restaurant with the rapid efficiency of a fast feeder, several industry veterans have teamed up to expand a Fresh Mexican/Southwestern menu concept in the quick-service arena.” (Nation’s Restaurant News: Nov. 2, 1998)


Typical of the Southwest, the Desert Moon’s menu utilizes charbroiled lean steak and grilled skinless chicken breast, combined with such ingredients as our own proprietary ranch and black beans, Hell Canyon Chili and yellow rice. Salsas and guacamole are made fresh daily with produce ripened in each store. The resulting product, which is made-to-order in full view of the customer, is most often served as a burrito or quesadilla in Desert Moon’s own tortilla and is commonly referred to by customers as “addictive”.


“In a time when traditional Mexican foods, which are surpassed in popularity only by America’s love for Italian, are shifting towards a more bolder, fresher, healthier cuisine ;” (Restaurant & Institutions: April 15, 1998—Food) the Desert Moon defines the cutting edge. Through its use of cool southwestern colors, trademarked landscape designs, howling coyotes, and desert cacti there isn’t a more distinctive “Fresh-Mexican” brand in the marketplace. Indeed, combined with its chef developed menu, there isn’t a quick service operation in the nation that delivers more flavors, more boldly then the Desert Moon!


Why does Desert Moon stand out from the competition? It’s a simple formula: provide a better quality product, build a more attractive store, train your employees to give great service and provide it all at a reasonable cost to the customer. It’s not rocket science and its not corporate rhetoric… its simply the way business is done at the Desert Moon.

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